A Creative Transformation of the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative

The Fulton Fish Market Cooperative is Launching Fulton Fish For The Arts

Art has been at the center of Fulton Fish culture stemming back to our Seaport roots, where several now famous artists took residence at the market, documenting its history for decades. This program will blast the facility façade and infuse the market entry corridors of the Fulton Fish Market with life. The facility will be filled with art from local artists, community groups, and artists who have long standing relationships with the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative, capturing the market and its beautiful grit and NYC personality. Fulton Fish For The Arts will also host community events in collaboration with local partners.

The “arts” will span all mediums, including the art of storytelling: tours!

If you’re an artist or group that would like to participate, contact:
Small and large group tours can be arranged by contacting: